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Industial Aqueous Spray Washers

Cylinder washer

EKE also designs and produces industrial aqueous spray washers for customers like Briggs & Stratton. These washers are designed to fit in manufacturing cells where performance, footprint, and budget are all important. Modified Hobart machines incorporating high volume and low pressure are particularly effective.

One feature that is common to the EKE industrial washer line is the reative use of disparate components - from oil skimmers, filters, and air knives all used to improve results and meet customers cleaning standards.

Our use of conveyors, ranging from simple ratcheting bottom drive units that allow parts to be conveyed through the washer in plastic wash racks, to sophisticated overhead monorail hook conveyors -- (even to include magnetic units) are all within EKE's capabilities.

Electrical controls are designed produced to meet the most stringent fire and electrical codes and can be designed to interface with computer controlled processes where necessary.

Where necessary, we can design and build cutom washers that have the most sophisticated capabilities from chip removal systems and effective blower driers and filter systems. Of course, larger units featuring challenging requirements such as circular design, multiple tanks, overhead conveyors, and sophisticated control systems are all available from EKE.

Finally, EKE industrial washers are affordable, allowing customers to match performance with tight budgets.

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