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Ellicotville Kitchen Equipment(EKE) and its sister company Industrial Washers, are well established Western New York based producers of commercial kitchen equipment and industrial aqueous spray washers.

EKE specializes in the ground up restoration of Hobart, and other dishmachines. That process begins with complete disassembly - right down to the last nut and wire.

For the industrial customer who needs a flexible parts washing solution, EKE specializes in the ground up manufacture of freestanding washers with small "footprints" and flexible design.

EKE's remanufactured dishmachines are completely disassembled, rebuilt with stainless steel frames, and provided with basically new electrical controls. By upgrading many mechanical components with stainless steel parts, durability is assured.

The performance of EKE's rebuilt Hobarts is nearly indistinguishable from a brand spanking new Hobart washer. The one difference you'll like is cost since an EKE rebuilt Hobart is priced at about 50 percent of the list price of a new Hobart. In many ways, EKE machines are like restored classic cars in that they're often better than when they were originally manufactured. Many happy EKE customers think of them as "Hobart Classics".

To learn more about EKE and to look at the full range of institutional dishmachines and custom industrial washers that we offer, please tour our entire site, or just call us at 1-800-707-7278.

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